National Etiquette Week

Every behavior is a reflection of civility, courtesy, manners and respect.  The manners we use in every aspect of our day accumulate and make us the people we are.

May 12th-16th is National Etiquette Week, a time to focus on the importance of courtesy and civility in our everyday lives.  Established in 1997, the week serves to remind us of the importance of manners in all areas of life, from the workplace to the restaurant, from event planning to international protocol, from family get-togethers to formal parties.

There are thousands of books written on etiquette, and many people think that etiquette is a minefield of dos and don'ts that instruct our behavior.  But when it comes down to is, having good manners is about making other people feel comfortable and enjoy your company.  The underlying concept of social graces is to be kind, courteous and respectful to others.

Please join us in taking time every day this week to examine your actions and make our world a more pleasant place for both others and ourselves.