Thanksgiving Manners

This Thanksgiving, be grateful for a stress-free family gathering.

Thanksgiving dinner

What could be more joyous than a family gathered around the dinner table to give thanks and bask in each other’s company? How about enjoying yourself without any worry of family arguments, grumbling teens, or some dinner table faux pas?

By involving children and teenagers in the planning process, you will ensure both a stress-free holiday and a lifetime of good manners, something for which you can truly give thanks.

Family of the Year
Nobody likes dealing with drama, so keeps your tucked away for the day. Kids prone to eye-rolling or indignant huffing and puffing should practice the fine art of restraint. Remind them that changing their own attitudes can pleasantly change the entire occasion.

Meet and Greet
Young ladies and gentlemen can be an effective welcoming committee. Make sure they know to stand up when someone enters the room, and to meet and greet with a smile. Encourage them to talk to all guests, even with those long-lost family members (and ask that they appear interested in all responses).

Here’s to a bountiful Thanksgiving holiday!