Halloween Manners

trick or treat

It's that time of year! Time to carve the yummy pumpkin, buy the candy, dig out the costume box...and teach your children about manners.

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to introduce basic etiquette to even the youngest trick-or-treater. Parents, this is your chance to role-play with your children and go over expectations for the night. Use the following tips as a guide to speak with your child and make an already magical night full of memorable lessons.

  1. Ring the doorbell only once and wait patiently. You might be pining for sugar, but restrain yourself from banging on the door.
  2. Be as sweet as the candy about to go in your basket. Make eye contact and say “Trick or Treat!” or “Happy Halloween!” Don't shove your bag in their face.
  3. If you're given the bowl of candy to choose from, don't hem and haw and pick your way through; just take a few pieces (not a handful) and be on your way.
  4. You've just been given a delicious gift so before you leave, make eye contact again, smile, and say thank you.
  5. Leave behind a good impression, not candy wrappers on the lawn or trampled flowers in the garden. Similarly, admire holiday decorations, but don't touch or play with them.
  6. Pushing and shoving is behavior too ghastly, even for a little Halloween ghoul. Be patient while waiting in line for the door, and be especially aware of smaller children.
  7. Most importantly, especially if you want to continue this delicious tradition next year, make sure to thank your parents for taking the time to escort you.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!