The mission of White House Etiquette is to provide young ladies and gentlemen with contemporary, universally acceptable etiquette and protocol to change the world.


We need to give due importance to small gestures in our relations with other people. Everyone appreciates sincere friendliness, good manners and respect. Naturalness requires learning how to behave correctly. As Aristotle said, we learn by doing.

Mary White founded White House Etiquette, LLC in 2005 by merging her conviction – “good manners will take you anywhere” – with her commitment to education. Her goal is to help people of all ages improve personal and professional quality of life through classes in manners and etiquette. Well-versed in the social rituals of various cultures, she draws from her personal knowledge as well as from advanced study on the subject.

After a dedicated career in teaching, Mary retired from St. Helena Montessori School with over 35 years experience. She was impressed with the philosophy of Maria Montessori from the beginning. The method emphasizes grace, courtesy and manners, which makes for a pleasant school environment, but also gives children confidence in knowing what to do. “They learn how to act, with grace and courtesy, which gives them self-confidence and helps them succeed. Self-confidence gives them an advantage.”

Dedicated to education, Mary’s teaching is not confined to the classroom. As an active member of the St. Helena community, she founded the St. Helena Girl’s Leadership Club. She and a group of girls, five to eighteen years old, met regularly over the last ten years, discussing the importance of virtues and putting them into practice, service projects, enjoying dinner and practicing the art of conversation. Mary also holds seminars for women; the topics include fashion and style, care of the home as well as parenting and etiquette. She also enjoys educating and grooming young men and women as future leaders through professional development.

She and her husband, Peter, live in St. Helena, California, Mary’s hometown. They have been married 43 years, have two grown children and eight grandchildren.

As part of her self-prescribed ongoing education, Mary is certified and trained in the following programs: Train To Be A Children’s Etiquette Consultant at The Etiquette & Leadership Institute, LLC, in Athens, Georgia; Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol at the Protocol School of Washington in McLean, Virginia; Tea and Etiquette, a seminar offered by Dorothea Johnson Productions, Inc. in Washington, D.C.; Elegance In Style, a certification and training held in Ellicott City, MD.